Kip In Hawaii (Hidden Files)

Long before his #1 hits.  Long before the purchase of his red hat.  And even before his very own myspace page.  Kip lived in Hawaii.  Here is some footage of which may contain only one scene with a shirt that is actually being worn.  Enjoy the great video (that was filmed from a Motorola flip phone).   It turned out great!.

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12 Responses to Kip In Hawaii (Hidden Files)

  1. denisegates says:

    Wow great video guys not to mention the hair y’all were rocking. I have a feeling if made the trip there I wouldn’t come back & I would also be better at hitch hiking lol!

  2. Great song…great hair…you don’t look at all lost to me!!

  3. Awesome video! You only live once so enjoy it and you clearly are!

  4. You sexy guys with your blonde tipped hair, LOVE IT!! Kip.. this is one of the first songs of yours i came across in a video and and it is by far one of my favorites, I hope you recod it someday. Kip looks like he may have taken some Tongan dance lessons based on that dance he did while hitchhiking. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  5. Nice video, beautiful scenery and looks like you were having some good times. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the flashback….much appreciated!

  7. so many questions! Colgate PJ? what island? I hung out in turtle bay and then was on the big island for most of my time out there. Love the freckles! how many times did yall smack your faces into a reef? that looked like a good coral rash on Kips face at one point!

  8. What song is this??? This is the first time I’ve heard it.

  9. Man, one thing is for sure that when you hit those pearly gates you’ll know you lived it up here on earth. Your videos make me want to sell everything I own and travel <3

  10. Ya’ll look like ya’ll were having a blast. Definitely a time in your life you’ll never forget. Kip i love the blonde tips, it definitely fits you. I love this song and the video. Thanks for sharing…..much appreciated. Oh…. Kip you hitch hiking technique was ,who knew you could dance lol

  11. “Light up the homegrown”…..LOVE it, hahaa!!
    I’m going to Hawaii for a whole month next January and this video has me even more excited than I already was!!!

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    I don’t know how Kip surfs

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