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It’s simple. We are just friends with this guy (well, it depends who is asking). We thought it would be cool for his fans to see a little of the “other side” of Kip.  Kip is a very humble, giving, and laid back person who would do anything for anybody. Over the past 4 years (good round number) we have seen him grow as a song writer and artist, his fan base multiply by a lot, (not mentioning his paycheck getting bigger) and his passion to master his crafts are stronger than ever. Rarely do you get to see somebody live their dream. We are getting to see that actually happen up close, and it’s pretty damn sweet (and it slightly pisses us off and creates small cases of extreme jealousy). Enjoy!

15 Responses to About Us

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  2. knights34 says:

    This is a great blog. Your story is awesome. I have been following Kip for about a year now. The first song i heard was a live video of Faith When I Fall. I tore my tricep pitching which caused my professional baseball career to end. That song is very meaningful to me reminding me that God is always there no matter what is going on. So could you tell him thanks and I really appreciate his music. My wife and I have become huge fans and can’t wait to see him again!!

  3. klhobson says:

    Never knew who he was until a year ago when I went to a concert at Coyote Joes in Charlotte. I knew one song, Something Bout A Truck, and I noticed how gorgeous Kip was. Threw my cowboy boot at him to sign still not knowing him. I just saw him in Charlotte with Eric Church and met him after. He is by far one of the sweetest guys ever. He said he loved my accent. Seeing him back to back weekends in January! I’m so excited. I would love to get to know him better

  4. daisynataly says:

    He’s the best artist out there enough said! Love his voice, accent, songs and he is not bad to look at lol if only he would come to SoCal more! I love his entire album and usually there are only one or two hits in albums but his is just all hits !! For sure this guy is going to be around for a while! Wishing him the best!!

    • klhobson says:

      So bad news… Booked our hotel in Nashville and the show is sold out. Do you know how to get four tickets to the Marathon Music Works concert? We are driving from Asheboro, NC to see the show and I guess we waited too long.

  5. katiem111 says:

    I sincerely need to thank Kip for getting me through a breakup! I never comment or do anything like this but, Fly Again was the song I played over and over after everything happened. We both loved Kips music…would have never thought a song would mean so much and help so much! :)

  6. We will let him know. Thanks Katie. All our best. FWK

  7. Salt Lake (Sodium City, haha) was a the best dang weekend I’ve had in a loooooong time. We first saw Kip on the side of the road, pretty sure we scared him A LOT with all the loud screaming. The crazy girls I brought with me couldn’t contain themselves! Me, I couldn’t make a sound! Ha! He did however politely smile.

    Please tell Kip that was a awesome show and we love all of his songs, yes every single one of them! And how cool was it of him to come out after the show and meet everyone? So very cool!!

    It was great meeting all of you as well, he has a good posse!! And tell the camera guy to shower! (inside joke, tickle,tickle!)

  8. Annie says:

    So I know this is a long shot, especially because it seems this website hasn’t been updated in a while BUTTTT my girlfriend and I are willing to do ANYTHING to meet Kip before or after the cleveland, OH show Dec 14th. Please help some girls out! :) pretty please…

    • We will see what we can do. Most of his M&Gs are handled through the local radio station. He may have a few to give out. We will let you know.

      • Annie says:

        Thanks so much! :) The show is tomorrow & no radio station giveaways. We are driving through a snowstorm from Buffalo, NY to get there. We even bought him some Jack Daniels so a meet & greet would really be in his best interest :) Please tweet me if you can help us out @abodziak Thanks again guys

  9. Annie says:

    Hey guys. We ended up getting a M&G. not sure if you had anything to do with it or not but if you did, thanks! Kip seems like such a great person. And it was amazing to get the opportunity to touch his butt. :) Would you possibly have an address I would be able to send him a letter? I should have done it during M&G but wasn’t prepared!

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